Further Flooring is helping reduce the 400,000 tons of carpet waste committed to landfill each year. Reuse and a circular economy is a predominant mantra within our company. It’s estimated that we only use 10% of a product’s life-cycle before we dispose of it, we recognise that as a tragedy and unsustainable.

Working closely with our partners we take used carpet tiles, grade and sort them accordingly, as well as providing training and volunteering opportunities to those within our community.

In the future we would like to see ‘zero to landfill’ for all carpet tiles, through continued work and networking we hope to make this a reality.


  • Utilise carpet tiles to the full extent of the product’s life.
  • Provide jobs, volunteer and training opportunities within the community.
  • Help schools and institutions alike with affordable flooring.
  • Reduce carpet waste to landfill.
  • To give away as much of our flooring for free as much as possible.
  • Encourage a positive community spirit.


The Affordable Flooring Scheme aims to contribute to the health and well-being of low-income tenants by prividing low cost re-used carpet tiles and other flooring.

‘When millions of metres of carpet tiles are either landfilled or go to EFW every year , a large percentage of which have the potential for second-life, we know we have to do better. When so many re-usable , hardwearing and easy-to-fit ex office tiles are available, we don’t think anyone should live without the dignity, lack of warmth and sound insulation that carpets provide, especially as those carpets would otherwise be thrown away.

Partner Levels Of Engagement

The Scheme can be run in many ways, dependant on the Housing Association. The simple premise is that, supported by a minimum hardship fund from the RSL, the scheme exists to help provide the health and well-being to tenants that carpets provide.

The involvement of the housing association/ supported people agency is flexible so that it works for all parties. The Scheme is available on-line or locally with both options offering tenants the convenience of choice and deliveries to the door (min order on on-line sales)

Locally, partners are offered the opportunity to meet quarterly and to partake in the existing evaluation / monitoring process. Nationally, take-up and issues can be monitored direct a back-end system that runs behind the web-site.


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